Weekly Food Log

24 Mar

  So Friday night I had to go to the mall and of course every time you go to the mall you have to get an Auntie Anne’s pretzel. It’s a rule. DANIELLE HUSCHER and I decided to turn our need for pretzels into our dinner. So I got the pretzel bites and of course I also had to get the lemonade. And obviously when they asked me if I wanted to get a large lemonade for only ten cents more I had to say yes because what a deal! Anyways once I got over the fact that I had just totally given into the company’s brilliant scheme I thought it was interesting to watch Danielle decided what she was going to get. Because she knew this was going to be her dinner she made it clear that she felt the need to get some type of protein. I found this to be particularly interesting because for my research project I am looking into how people go about choosing what they eat and the evolution of food to nutrition. This is a clear cut example of how Danielle made her decision based on some belief that she needs to have protein at every meal. Her focus was more on getting the ‘right’ nutrition rather than the food itself. So instead of getting the cinnamon pretzel bites she got the mini hot dogs wrapped in pretzel. I was intrigued by this. Oh and by the way we got our growth housing! So next year I will being living in the locavore suite, isn’t that exciting?  


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