Weekly food log

17 Mar

I am the type of person who always reads the food labels on everything just to see what is in the food I am eating. This week I was able to grocery shopping with one of my friends who is equally as weird as me and has the same habit of reading food labels. We spent over an hour at the store comparing and contrasting all the different kinds of each food we could get especially when it came it cereals and granola bars. Most people who don’t pay attention to the nutrition labels on their cereals probably have no idea how much sugar is in them especially when they have appealing packaging and advertise that the cereal is healthy. I also want to point out that granola bars now advertise about being high in protein yet when you look at the label these bars also have double the amount of sugar in them. This could be because of the roughly new belief that it is important to eat foods high in protein for breakfast but that is just an idea. Either way I can see how people might think they are eating something that is good for them because it is packed with protein when in reality that food is not a healthy choice when you look at the big picture of everything that is in it. I enjoy being able to spend the time picking out my food and comparing all my options so I don’t have to rely on advertising and packaging to make my decisions. 


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