Think about the Bees

17 Mar

My older brother and I have a continuous joke that we should drop out of school and open our own bee farm. He had to do research on bees once and from that came to the conclusion that being a beekeeper is not a bad job at all because of the fact that bee colonies aren’t doing so hot right now and the government pays you money if you have a bee farm plus there are so many products that one can make and then sell like honey and bee wax candles. Anyway I read an article by Marion Nestle on her blog Food Politics about the health of bees and it made me think about bees in relation to our agriculture production not just a backup plan for my brother and me. Bees obviously play a main role in pollinating a huge portion of the food we consume and without bees we would be kind of screwed. Researchers believe that a certain kind of highly used insecticides called neonicotinoid are harming the bees. Europeans are aware of this and already advise against using these products on crops but have no restrictions in place. The US still used these chemicals heavily and seems not to have as much concern as Europeans do. I think the US needs to start being more aware about the effects our agriculture system practices have on other aspects of nature and the world we live in. This is also another reason why using organic pesticides would be an important environmental friendly move for the big corporations.

                Also I think it is interesting to look at the reasons that were giving against making restricts on these insecticides and what they say about the values of our culture. The some that Nestle lists are it would negatively affect agriculture competiveness, prices would rise, and jobs would be lost. So we care more about having low prices, job security even if the job is producing a harmful chemical, and having competition over the preservation of bees. This is just one example of how our society practices means-ends rationality and does not care about the effects that arise from only caring about the end product and not paying attention to the side effects that are being created. Bees need to be saved and something needs to be done now before there are serious consequences.  


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