New Books on Books on Books

12 Mar

So after reading New books on how the food industry hooks us on junk food on Food Politics by Marion Nestle I decided that I really want to get my hands on these books and read them over the summer. Obviously it is no surprise that industries are manipulating their products and labels to make sales but both books take a specific view point on why this has become the case and dives deeper into industry marketing strategies. The first book is called Pandora’s Lunchbox by Melanie Warner and it focuses on the shift between real food to food science and who is really benefiting from this shift (Spoiler alter: it is not the consumer’s health). This book reminded me of an interesting article that I am currently reading by Michael Pollan called “The Unhappy Meal”. It talks about the shift in dietary focus between real food and nutrients. This article is what inspired my current research project topic. The second book is called Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss and it is about how large food corporations deliberately manipulate consumers by stuffing their products with excess salts, sugars, and fats. These companies cannot be trusted to value their consumer’s health and their main focus is straight up profits.

Ideally if I had more time (and was more motivated) I would read these books now so I could use them in my research paper. For my research project I am interested in looking into why Americans choose to eat the way they do and what are the main influences over their choices. These books would allow me to analyze the claims made by both authors to provide support for my own research question and further establish my argument.  

But let’s be honest, me reading these books for my paper is highly unlikely. That is why I am planning on reading them this summer because it is a much more realistic goal. 


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