weekly food log

3 Mar

This week’s blog is inspired by my twenty four hour car ride down to Key West, Florida for the Habitat for Humanity trip. While spending some quality bonding time with each other in our close quarters of a minivan, we all started to notice a similar pattern in our eating habits. Between the starbursts, pretzels, bagels, chips, jelly beans, cookies, fries, pizza and soda it is safe to say that our diets are filled with straight up crap. When you only eat this processed crap and are literally sitting for a day straight it is safe to say you start to feel like crap too. It was not our best decision to eat all that but the main reasoning behind our choices came down to price. Our budget is very tight so everything comes down to making the most of our money and this experience just goes to show that eating healthy obviously comes with a price. Even doing grocery shopping here we chose to go to the big super market rather than the local grocery store because the prices at Publix are so much cheaper than the local store. I also noticed that locavorism would be very hard to do in Key West do to the fact that its an island and it is easier to have products imported than making the room to grow them themselves.  But then again driving down here I saw a lot of farmer’s markets and it would have been cool to stop at them to look around but we didn’t. So to sum things up, even though we are eating a lot of crappy processed food I am observing the different food culture down here and seeing how it plays into what we have learned in class. I also just eat this AMAZING chipotle burger wrap from a little tiny sandwich shop and even though it was eight dollars it was totally worth it. SO GOOD.  


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