weekly food log

25 Feb

                In relation to this week’s class discussion about organic, local and small farms I have been thinking about how I choose what I eat and how I want to start choosing my food. Honestly I have never thought about my food in terms of being organic and the health benefits that arise from organic options. But after learning about the amount of antibiotics and chemicals that go into main stream food I am literally scared for what I am putting in my body. It is hard for me to fully grasp that with all of our advances in technology and resources we as humans choose to produce food the way we do. The fact that even products that are labeled as being organic aren’t traditionally organic and are just labeled for the image so corporations can make money. This all just comes back to how we live in a means end rationalized society and it makes me ill that all these systems we have in place have lead us to this point. Thinking about this gets me so worked up which makes me want to keep my moral distance and continue living in ignorance. To be honest I just don’t have the time to devote to consciously thinking about my food and going out of my way to make sure it is all prepared ‘rightfully’ and in humane conditions. Our culture does not make food a priority which in turn has affected the way I prioritize my food. Think about it we have fast food chains everywhere and people wanting to get in and out of the grocery store as fast as possible and get everything in one stop. The message we get from this is that food is supposed to be quick and easy. Going against that and making time to put effort into one’s food is seen as having too much time. I would like to try and better prioritize what I eat but this week that is just not going to happen. I will continue in my ways and routines and when I am confronted with these issues I will feel guilty for the time being but then go right back to my habits. That is all.  


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