Antibiotic resistance crisis

25 Feb

Scientists have released new studies that show the high use of antibiotics on Chinese pig farms are creating antibiotic-resistant genes that pose as a danger to human kind. Recently in class we have touched upon the use of antibiotics for animals and the potential risk we run by doing so. This New York Times article by Didi Tatlow clearly outlines that these potential risks are being reality and it is in our best interest to do put an end to using such high doses of antibiotics before it’s too late. Researchers analyzed the manure from three commercial pig farms in China and found 149 new antibiotic resistant genes, which is three times more than the controlled samples. This problem does not only affect China but rather the entire world due to foreign trade and mass traveling. The use of antibiotics in animals needs to be addressed on a world wide scale because we are creating a problem that can eventually wipeout mass amounts of the human population. I don’t know how concerned China is about this issue but from the fact that Marion Nestle’s blog Food Politics is blocked in China due to some of its ‘threat potential’ content leads me to believe that the average person in china doesn’t even know about this. If China does not take any actions to combat the emerging antibiotic-resistant genes they are mass producing then I think it is up to the US and the European Union to put pressure on China and force the change.  


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