Weekly food log

16 Feb

I would like to take this time to complain about the quality of food on our campus. This week I have been trying to actually eat legit meals instead of grabbing a granola bar and calling it a day. That being said I have been paying close attention to the food I have been ingesting from the Caf and Benny’s and I am anything but pleased. Thirty seven miles away from here I lived on an organic farm a couple summers back and the food there was some of the best quality food I have ever been exposed to. Everything was so fresh and flavorful especially the fruits and vegetables. In fact one of the hardest parts about adapting back into my ‘real life’ was not having the same quality of food. Coming to Susquehanna I was under the impression that the food would be similar due the location being in the same vicinity but boy was I mistaken. Trying to get a decent piece of fruit around here is like asking for a miracle. I can’t even bring myself to finishing an entire apple. In fact I don’t even try eating the apples here anymore because they always turn out tasting like chalk. My diet has come down to eating those prepackaged apple slices down in Benny’s and it is embarrassing to admit that. Any parent who buys those for their kids needs to go rethink their life because they are willing to pour extra preservatives into their kids rather than take the two seconds to cut up a real apple themselves. The other day I was feeling adventurous and decided to try an orange from Benny’s but after pealing it I found dirt all inside of it. like really? How does that even happen? Nonetheless I was once again disappointed. It’s sad that fresh and better food literally surrounds us (prime example: my camp) yet our school continues to feed us crappy low quality food. For the amount of money that students pay to go here they deserve better quality food. It is the schools ethical responsibility to provide nutrition and quite frankly I don’t think this responsibility is being met. 


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