Too much sugar for our own good

16 Feb

It is pretty evident that almost all doctors, scientists, health professionals and other notable sources are constantly pressing Americans to lower their daily sugar intake and they are certainly not advocating for additive sugars to be increased. Yet the American diet is continuously upping the amount of added sugar being consumed and it is hard to just sit back and not question what is going on and what logic (if any) is being used.

                A side note before I continue on this rant: My senior research project in high school involved analyzing the daily sugar intake of high school students and basically equivocating additive sugars to drugs. I personally believe that added sugars should be considered a drug and they should not be overflowing our diets. This is a topic that many people disagree with me on but none the less it is disturbing how much sugar is in our diets and the negative effects it has on our bodies. The fact that we have the knowledge and research to show this yet nationwide our daily sugar intake continues to rise is pure ignorance and plain disgusting.

                Americans have lost the view of food being a necessity to survive due to the fact it is readily available. Instead of wanting to nourish our bodies we focus more on taste and the luxurious aspects of food. While it’s nice to be able to have the technological advances to do this, it has also caused the health aspect of food to diminish and in turn the average American is well uneducated about their food. I strongly propose that this needs to change not only for the sack of individual’s health but also for the health of the human race as a whole.

                The ever so popular soda Mountain Dew just released their newest most brilliant beverage called Kickstart. It is basically an energy drink that is being advertised for people to drink in the morning in place of coffee, tea or juice. I would love to meet the individuals who are actually buying this because there is no way they are consuming this for its taste so they must be under some false pretention that this drink is actually good for them. This concentrated liquid sugar on steroids should not even be considered a food or beverage. Seriously. In fact I would have loved to of witness the group of people sitting around a table in some corporate building coming up with this idea and thinking it was remotely good. It is products like this that make me question humanity. Something has to change and soon.



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