Weekly Food Log

4 Feb

I will have to admit that this week in class I found myself being disgusted with our society and wanting to prepare all my food from here on out. Especially the day we watched those wonderful videos of slaughterhouses and pigs being violently tortured beyond what I can fathom. When I left that class I immediately cancelled my lunch plans so I could avoid seeing meat and go back to my room to eat a non-abused bowl of cereal. The imagines of those pigs kept replaying in my mind along with the one worker’s twisted justification of the pigs being bouncy making her actions okay. Looking back on this situation, I realize that me retreating to my dorm and trying to distance myself from food is not very far off from the worker’s justification for smashing baby pigs against the ground. These are both ways that people try to morally distance themselves from the cruelties that exist in our modern food system.

I realize that whether or not that one worker continues to do her job has no effect on the food system itself because she is just a cog in the machine and can easily be replaced. Likewise, me going back to my room and feeling bad about how slaughterhouses operate does not to change anything either. And let’s be honest, watching those videos only closed my gap of moral from my food for a short period of time because I had a buffalo  chicken wrap later that day. The excerpt from Every Twelve Seconds by Pachirat where he goes into detail about his first hand experiences with the different levels of work inside the slaughterhouse makes it evident that the problems we identify in our modern food system are much more complex than we assume them to be. It is not the workers who are the problems but rather the system and our culture in general. As long as our culture values cheap and fast production, I have no hope for any changes being made in our food system. 


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