Weekly Food Blog

26 Jan

This past week I have found myself not being able to make it to the Cafeteria or Benny’s to have a ‘proper’ meal. Rather I have been eating cereal for basically all my meals give or take a few here or there. As I sit here examining the labels of my stash of cereals and granola bars I have found things that are worth noting that I probably wouldn’t have looked at outside this course. My Honey Bunches of Oats came all the way from Missouri, and that is just the processing plant. Who knows where the actually ingredients were grow or bought from. Since we have been talking about corn lately I wanted to note that corn is the first ingredient. My Kashi Go Lean cereal says it was distributed from California but again who is tracking where the actually food comes from. I have wanting to look into The Kashi Company and do my personal investigation on whether or not their motto is actually up held or just for advertising purposes. Their commercials are pretty convincing and look like a fun time especially when they have people zip lining through exotic forests. Anyway I will let you know when I get around to actually doing that. My almonds are manufactured in my own home state of New Jersey but as said before the actually almonds aren’t coming from there. Finally I just wanted to note that my rice milk I use with my cereal (not for any health reasons, but rather because I am a college student and it will last longer without going bad) is distributed from Elizabeth, New Jersey. I volunteer at soup kitchens in Elizabeth and let me tell you it is not the nicest place on earth, actually the exact opposite. But I still am going to continue using my milk and ignore all the mental images that come to my head when I think of Elizabeth New Jersey.

The last comment I wanted to note on this food log is I have friends who are from New England and they are used to having seafood that is fresh and out here in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania that is obviously not the case. Yet this week in the Cafeteria they were serving fish and one of my New Englander friends (cough Danielle cough) decided to go against her gut feeling and give Pennsylvania seafood a taste. Needless to say I go a full report on how the seafood was probably constructed in a factory and it should not even be considered seafood. Or even food. I was glad I stuck to eating my nice processed cereal that evening.

Thought that just popped into my head: if real milk comes from milking cows, how is rice milk made? hmmm. 


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