Weekly Food Log

19 Jan

Food Log:

The perks of having Sociology of Food right before lunch makes it easier to relate the material we learn about relate to my everyday life. This week I noticed myself wondering where the food at school comes from. Even for breakfast I usually eat a granola bar and I found myself wondering where the food has been and what am I actually eating. Cause let’s face it, more than half the food I eat I would not be able to make myself so I don’t know what goes into preparing it. One night in the cafeteria the only good thing they were serving was turkey burgers and usually I would eat them but all I could think about is all the different birds and parts of birds that are in one patty. It was a major turn off.

In class I enjoyed the conversation we had on farmer income and small farms versus large farming companies. I never knew a lot of the information that was covered “An Essay on Farm Income” by Richard A. Levins. I personally have lived on an organic farm and after reading this I want to talk to the owners of that farm and get their intake on the subject. I know that they only farm for themselves and don’t sell their crops for income but just to get their perspective would be interesting to hear. This also made me think about where my family buys groceries from. I am from New Jersey so we shop at mas supermarkets like ShopRite where you have no clue where they are getting their products from. I wonder if it would be more beneficial to shop at stores like Trader Joes instead.  I really liked the idea about looking into how the Amish farm and whether or not they run into the same problems with competition between farmers and the technological treadmill.    


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