The American Paradox

19 Jan

It is hard to believe that in this day and age food companies are still allowed to blatantly lie to consumers for the sake of marketing their products. After reading Marion Nestle’s article Coca-Cola fights obesity? Oh, please. on her blog Food Politics I was reminded of Micheael Pollan’s beginning argument in his book Omnivore’s Dilemma. Pollan talks about how America has a national eating disorder do to our culture not having deeply rooted traditions surrounding food and allowing our nation’s dietary goals to be constructed by our need for an ideal body. This leaves room for companies to deceive us with catchy phrases like ‘fat free’ or ‘all natural’ and keep us as consumers buying into their lies.

Another concept Pollan brings up is the American paradox which he describes as “A notably unhealthy people obsessed by the idea of eating healthily” (Pollan, 3). This is why Coca-Cola has been able to make billions off all their new lines of ‘lower calories’ and ‘less sugar’ products. These products might be less harmful than their original products, but that still doesn’t make them healthy. Yet through marketing and a culture blinded by what they are pouring into their bodies, Coca-Cola is able to get away with it. Marion Nestle posted this video in her article and I found it to be very interesting. this video puts the ‘real’ narrative story to a recent Coca-Cola commercial that claimed to be helping America fight obesity. The idea of the video focuses on the fact that Coca-Cola launched their fighting obesity campaign to improve marketing profits because Americans stopped drinking soft drinks. Nestle points this out in one of her other articles that includes this chart that compares the US consumption rate to other countries consumption rates of soft drinks. 


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